ATi 3D Rage

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View graphics card detailsATi 3D Rage II (PCI)
ATi 3D Rage II (PCI)

A proper working 2D 'graphics' card with crude basic 3D-functions. 3D-functions are limited, slow and the drivers aren't mature. These cards are perfect to pair up with a 3Dfx Voodoo card to get good 2D and good 3D graphics.... > Read more

View graphics card detailsATi 3D Rage II+ DVD (PCI)
ATi 3D Rage II+ DVD (PCI)

The 3D Rage II is the second generation Rage chips. It was a re-engineered Mach64 2D engine and pin-compatible with the 3D Rage. The new chip is faster in 2D, has MPEG (DVD) playback and supports DirectX 5.0.... > Read more

View graphics card detailsATi 3D Rage Pro AGP 2x (AGP)
ATi 3D Rage Pro AGP 2x (AGP)

An optimized version of the 3D Rage II with extra 3D functions. It also uses specific AGP features.

This card has '3D Rage PRO AGP 2x' printed on the chip and is dated 39th week of 1998. On the internet sources can be found indicating that ATi rereleased the Rage Pro by renaming it Rage Pro Turbo... > Read more