Intel i386

This page will show all objects that classify as Intel i386, and if possible sorted on production date.

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View processor details Intel i386 DX20-IV 'SX217'
Intel i386 DX20-IV 'SX217'

A 386 in with the classic Intel i386 logo. This model runs at 20MHz and features the 32-bit external bus (instead of 16-bit like the 386SX). Back in the day when the 386 was new you would find the DX20 fitted in expensive systems, but by late 1990 when this CPU was made, a decent system would be fit... > Read more

View processor details Intel i386 DX25-IV 'SX218'
Intel i386 DX25-IV 'SX218'

The 386 was the first CPU that could do real protected mode and could run in 32 bit mode. The 286 could switch to protected mode as well but not back to real modus without resetting the processor. It's successor can switch back without a reset. This allowed the programmers to create programs that co... > Read more

View processor details Intel i386 SX25 'SX701'
Intel i386 SX25 'SX701'

25MHz may not sound much, especially as it's an SX processor but bear in mind that 5MHz or 9MHz extra will boost applications with quite a big leap. After all; 5MHz is 1/5 of the total clock frequency and along with an increased clock frequency the front-side-bus goes up with 5MHz as well. Unfortuna... > Read more