Driver 3dfx Voodoo2
3dfx Voodoo2 V3.02.02 (2000-01-27)

Supported operating systems: DOS Win95 Win98 Win98SE WinME

Download and unpack the latest Win9x 3dfx reference driver dated 27 Jan 2000 with version number V3.02.02. The file 'Voodoo2-30202' has to be unpacked as well. This can be accomplished by either run (double-click) or unpack with WinRAR or alike.

Instructions for DOS

Copy the GLIDE2X.OVL file to a directory which is included in the PATH-Environment. In DOS you can check the PATH-Environment by typing PATH on the DOS prompt. It might look like C:\;C:\DOS;C:\SB16. If a program needs to access a file which is not in available in the current directory it will look in one of the directories entered in the PATH-Environment. This is exactly what we need with the 3dfx-files. Instead of copying the GLIDE2X.OVL file to the main directory of every game we just copy it to C:\DOS (in this example). Now the file can be accessed from everywhere since it's in the PATH-environment.

Of course it's possible to create your own directory for the 3dfx files. Just create a directory like C:\VOODOO and set the PATH-Environment to that directory. This can be done by entering PATH=C:\VOODOO .

Note: Some 3Dfx games are shipped along with a GLIDE2X.OVL file. If the GLIDE2X.OVL doesn't match with your 3Dfx board it's most likely the game will not detect your 3Dfx card. Scan the directories of the game for the GLIDE2X.OVL and delete the file (or overwrite with the GLIDE2X.OVL of the appropriate driver).

Note 2: If you previously used a different 3Dfx card (like Voodoo Graphics of Voodoo Rush) it's possible some drivers for that card still exist on the harddrive. Please verify that there are no other GLIDE2X.OVL files in the directories included in the PATH-Environment.

It doesn't work!
Let's categorize this in two things: The driver is not copied correctly and/or the PATH environment is incorrect or the Voodoo card isn't working properly. Try downloading the GTA 3Dfx demo or the GTA ECTS demo. They will allow you to use the 3Dfx card. If GTA tells you 'What 3dfx card?' it's most likely the drivers aren't recognized. If so, please follow the steps above again and verify everything.

To exclude the PATH-environment thing you can also try copying the GLIDE2X.OVL file into the root directory of the game. In case of GTA 3Dfx demo you will run DEMOFX.EXE in the GTADOS directory so you have the copy the GLIDE2X.OVL to the GTADOS directory.

Using tools of the 3Dfx Voodoo developers kit you can check whether the card is detected or not. Download the detect utilities here, unzip and read the README.TXT file for instructions.

If you get a black or disordered screen after starting the game GTA either your board is defective or not compatible with your system. The Voodoo II (SST-2) is old and might not work with faster processors (Depending on chipset/CPU combination. nForce2 with an overclocked AMD Athlon XP at 2533MHz is actually possible but an Intel Desktop Board VC820 wih 667MHz Pentium !!! might fail.) or large memory configurations. Try removing some internal RAM or swap/downclock your processor.

Instructions for Windows 95/98/ME

Unpack the drivers. Run the EXE file and read the README.TXT for instructions. If it doesn't work, please read the 'It doesn't work'-section above (MS-DOS driver) regarding the black screen and new hardware.