This page is dedicated to my processor and graphics cards hardware collection. Down below you'll find links to information about my collection, hardware companies, benchmarks and drivers of the cards I own. Each and every card is listed individually.

List of hardware

You can click on the names or vendors in the table below to read more about the graphics card or processor. If you want a full list of everything in the database, click here for the list.

The five latest additions in a row:
View processor detailsIntel Core i3 3220 'SR0RG'
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In late 2012 and 2013 the Intel Core i3 was a nice CPU for entry level systems. Dual-core systems were sufficient for most users that didn't play games or used high-end applications like video editting or 3D-modelling. Even most games didn't benefit from having more 2 cores at that time.

The 3220... > Read more

View processor detailsIntel Pentium Dual-Core G2120 'SR0UF'
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An entry-level CPU in 2012/2013 that floats just a little bit under the Core i3: depending on the model you have differences in clock-frequency (although you can have 3.3GHz in both Core i3 and Pentium Dual-Core for instance). The only 'big' difference is that the Pentium Dual-Core doesn't feature H... > Read more

View processor detailsIntel Pentium Dual-Core G2030 'SR163'
View processor detailsIntel Pentium Dual-Core G2020 'SR10H'
View processor detailsIntel Celeron Dual-Core G1101 'SLBMT'