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Welcome to thandor.net, my website with:

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Doom SIGIL II out now

A few years ago SIGIL for Doom was released. Now us Doom-fanatics can celebrate a 30th anniversary and embark on the (unofficial) sixth episode: SIGIL II as well!
> Read more

Playing DOS oldies: Ultra Peril Snake

Snake, an all time classic recipe. Many versions of Snake have been made and one of them is Ultra Peril Snake from 1994. It's all about Princess Mega Galactic Snake and the evil Sad Graphics Man. Sounds promising...! > Read more

Attack of the PETSCII Robots

David Murray silently released Attack of the PETSCII Robots on January 13th! It is available for download immediately for the Commodore PET, VIC and C64. Did the 8-bit guy succeed in another great release? > Read more

Upgrading the Amiga 500: TF534

Need more oomph in your trusty old Amiga? Can't decide? Neither did I but eventually I bought the Terrible Fire 534 for a boost and CF-convenience. Here is a little story of my experiences. > Read more

Doom SIGIL. Finally here!

Forget everything you thought you need and get yourself a copy of SIGIL! That is, if you're a Doom fanatic! > Read more

Bloxinies II

The successor of Bloxinies with new levels, new enemies, a level editor and (single computer) multiplayer! This time in 256 VGA mode, but still playable on 8MHz 8088's. > Read more

Multiplayer IPX for DOS: Elephant Herding

An old concept, a new game. This game can be played with two players on one PC, or with two players over an IPX-network. Gear up and get your XT and 286 ready in order to herd some elephants! > Read more

Playing DOS oldies: Jackpot

I couldn't find any reference to the DOS-game Jackpot on the Internet, so I decided to write about it and provide a download link. Jackpot is a Dutch-made text-based gambling game from 1991. > Read more

Wolfenstein 3D Part 2 : Rise of the Triad

Rise of the Triad started out as an add-on to Wolfenstein 3D. The first beta version was based on the Wolfenstein 3D engine and in the final version of Rise of the Triad (with it's own engine) you can clearly see the roots of the Wolfenstein 3D engine.

This is a modification of Wolfenstein 3D which has been inspired by the original RoTT spec. > Read more

Programming in Turbo Pascal 7: Bloxinies

Years ago I wanted to program a game called Bloxinies. Not much thought was put into the game. One of the requirements was to use the DOS-based smiley, however. This idea was the basis of a game. I wanted to keep it simple so it's programmed for DOS, uses CGA graphics and runs fine on an 4,77MHz 8088. > Read more