IBM 6x86

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View processor details Cyrix 6x86 PR166 '?'
Cyrix 6x86 PR166 '?'

This CPU uses the same core as the IBM 6x86. If you wonder why: read here :).... > Read more

View processor details IBM 6x86 P200+ '?'
IBM 6x86 P200+ '?'

Consider first: 650nm, only 3,3M transistors, 150MHz and 3,5V. In other words: old manufacturing technology, same amount of transistors compared to the Pentium, Pentium topped out at 100MHz with 600nm; this goes up to 150MHz and powered at 3,5V is heat guaranteed!

Specs-wise it needs a good desig... > Read more

View processor details IBM 6x86 P150+ '?'
IBM 6x86 P150+ '?'

Identical to the IBM 6x86 P200+ but with a lower core clockfrequency and front-side-bus.... > Read more