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View processor details AMD Athlon 500 'K7500MTR51B'
AMD Athlon 500 'K7500MTR51B'

The first Athlon hit the market on 21th of August 1999 and impressed many enthusiasts by it's performance. The AMD K6-2 was not bad but suffered from a slow floating point unit (FPU) and didn't scale well beyond 500MHz ~ 550MHz. AMD needed something new and the Athlon was perfect!

Basically the A... > Read more

View processor details AMD Athlon 650 'K7650MTR51B'
AMD Athlon 650 'K7650MTR51B'

This AMD Athlon 650 Slot A processor has OPN code K7MTR51B with an A-marking. The A means it's equipped with the Pluto core. If you have a model with C it has the Argon core. Pluto is 180nm and used in the 550MHz to 850MHz models with 512KB off-die L2 cache. Argon did it's job in 500MHz to 700MHz At... > Read more

View processor details AMD Athlon 1000 'K7100MNR53B A'
AMD Athlon 1000 'K7100MNR53B A'

[table border=0][tr][td]The first 1GHz chip from AMD wasn't socketed but appeared as this Slot A model. AMD launched the Athlon 500 in August 1999 and continued to raise clockfrequencies up to 1000MHz in March 2000. The 1GHz mark was magical in the days but ... > Read more

View processor details AMD Athlon 850 'A0850MPR24B'
AMD Athlon 850 'A0850MPR24B'

Technically this slot A model is the same as this socket A (462) Athlon 850. Both have the 'Thunderbird' core with 256KB on-die full speed L2 cache. I did not benchmark the Slot A version of the 850MHz 'Thunderbird'. It should perform identical except for di... > Read more

View processor details AMD Athlon 800 'A0800AMT3C'
AMD Athlon 800 'A0800AMT3C'

A proper 800MHz part; made in Q3 of the year 2000 and made for socket A. Athlons from early 2000 often use the much bigger slot A connector.

In it's day this 800MHz piece was a normal 'good performer'. Not the fastest part available, but by far not a budget part. Especially compared to the more e... > Read more

View processor details AMD Athlon 850 'A0850AMT3B'
AMD Athlon 850 'A0850AMT3B'

A normal AMD Athlon CPU, one you could buy in the stores in the end of the millennium year.

The AMD Athlon is known to run quite hot. They did compared to the Pentium III. The Pentium 4 'Willamette' is much cooler in idle modus but in stressed they consume a lot of power, too. Fact that the Athlo... > Read more

View processor details AMD Athlon 900 'A0900AMT3B'
AMD Athlon 900 'A0900AMT3B'

A regular Athlon 900 on a 100MHz (DDR200) bus but, according to the sticker, used to be property of S3 Graphics.... > Read more

View processor details AMD Athlon 1200 'A1200AMS3B'
AMD Athlon 1200 'A1200AMS3B'

A strong performer. This is the B-variant which uses a 100MHz (DDR200) FSB. The C-variant uses the faster 133MHz (DDR266) bus but still runs at 1200MHz.

The 1200MHz model is solid and reliable while staying within cooling proportions. Models like the 1333 and 1400 needed better cooling and stretc... > Read more

View processor details AMD Athlon 1000C 'A1000AMT3C'
AMD Athlon 1000C 'A1000AMT3C'

The AMD Athlon 1000 on socket A saw it's daylight at 31 October 2000, about 6 months after the launch of the 1000MHz Athlon for Slot A. Note that this CPU is different compared to the first model as it has 256KB on-die L2 cache instead of 512KB off-die L2 cache. Almost everyone was excited about the... > Read more

View processor details AMD Athlon 1333 'A1333AMS3C'
AMD Athlon 1333 'A1333AMS3C'

Like this Athlon 1000 but then running at 1333MHz. It's almost the fastest Athlon 'Thunderbird' CPU one can get and in my opinion the number 1333 looks great. Back then it offered enough power leaving the Pentium 4 nowhere, especially with price/performance r... > Read more

View processor details AMD Athlon 1400 'A1400AMS3C'
AMD Athlon 1400 'A1400AMS3C'

The fastest Athlon 'Thunderbird' out there. At the time this was considered a real hot CPU in terms of power consumption/heat output. People ofted blamed AMD for having hot running CPU's but in the years after the Athlon 1400 many new CPU's were released by both AMD and Intel which ran hotter.

CP... > Read more