miro Crystal

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View graphics card detailsmiro Crystal 10SD (PCI)
miro Crystal 10SD (PCI)

This oddball has a PCI-connector but uses the S3 86C805-P chip which has an ISA interface. The chip is connected to the PCI bus using a LA2158 bridge! Who thought that was a good idea?

Nevertheless this is in interesting card in the benchmarks. I don't have a true ISA or VLB 86C805-P-based card... > Read more

View graphics card detailsmiro Crystal 20SD (PCI)
miro Crystal 20SD (PCI)

This miroCRYSTAL SD20 is based on the S3 Vision864 (86C864-P) chip. It's a nice little card and not bad for 1994. I noticed one thing which is corruption in the rendering of SVGABNCH (Chris' 3D benchmark). I'm not sure if this is chip or BIOS related, or if my card might be defective. All the other ... > Read more