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View processor details VIA Cyrix III 466 '?'
VIA Cyrix III 466 '?'

By the time these CPU's came out VIA already acquired both Cyrix and IDT (Centaur). Pre-release versions of the Cyrix III are based upon the Joshua core with 22 million transistors. The Joshua core is a Cyrix design with a PR-rating and the same slow floating point unit FPU as the older Cyrix CPU's.... > Read more

View processor details VIA Cyrix III 600 '?'
VIA Cyrix III 600 '?'

Pretty much like the VIA Cyrix III 466 but with 100MHz FSB instead of 133MHz.

The Cyrix 600 is somewhat newer and VIA already decided to use a big VIA logo and a small Cyrix logo. The 466 has it opposite!... > Read more