Intel D80287

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View processor details Intel D80287 8 'N/A'
Intel D80287 8 'N/A'

Being made in 1986 I figured this CPU would be a nice photo-object in combination with an old 5,25" floppy disk. It's 2MHz faster than the 6MHz model but technically it's identical.

The 287 is able to do floating point calculations (FPU) and can be instal... > Read more

View processor details Intel D80287 6 'N/A'
Intel D80287 6 'N/A'

The slowest 287 you can find. These FPU's can pair up with 286 and early 386 (1985, 1986) systems. At the time when Intel released their 387 the 386-motherboards were equipped with the new socket for the 387 and dropped the 287-support.

Later models were dubbed 80287XL and feature a 387 architect... > Read more