AMD Mobile Duron

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View processor details AMD Mobile Duron 850 'DHM0850ALS1B'
AMD Mobile Duron 850 'DHM0850ALS1B'

A mobile version of the Duron. This one uses the 'Morgan' core and runs at 850MHz. Normal desktop Durons with a Morgan core can only be found starting from 1000MHz up to 1300MHz with increments of 100MHz. Because the Morgan core is newer AMD used it for the mobile versions and clocked it down a bit ... > Read more

View processor details AMD Mobile Duron 1200 'DHM1200AQQ1B'
AMD Mobile Duron 1200 'DHM1200AQQ1B'

Released on January 30th of 2002 for use in budget notebooks. Partly due it's low 1.5V vCore it fits within a TDP (Thermal Design Point) of 25W.

I have questions regarding the core of this CPU. It appears to have the same 'die' as the Palomino (used for the Athlon XP and Mobile Athlon 4). I'm uns... > Read more