ATi Radeon Mobility

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View graphics card detailsATi Radeon Mobility M6-P (AGP)
ATi Radeon Mobility M6-P (AGP)

A Radeon Mobility chip on an AGP board. This way it'll fit into normal desktop PC's and that makes testing/developing a lot easier.

The card runs very cool. A heatsink is not even required. Though performance is not as good as the first Radeon cards but that's not the target of this card. It runs... > Read more

View graphics card detailsATi Radeon Mobility M9-P (AGP)
ATi Radeon Mobility M9-P (AGP)

Launched in August of 2002 for the notebook market. This cool running Radeon Mobility M9 is better known as the ATi Mobility Radeon 9000.

This development card has two DVI ports, one DFP port (predecessor of DVI) and one TV-Out port. There are some switches on the PCB but I have no idea what they... > Read more