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View processor details AMD K6 166ALR '25755'
AMD K6 166ALR '25755'

AMD had lot's of trouble with the AMD K5 and nearly went bankrupt. To find a way out they bought NexGen (which also had engineers that worked on the Pentium) that was developing the Nx586 and Nx686 which are quite hard to get these days. AMD put the NexGen team on the K6 project and let them build t... > Read more

View processor details AMD K6 233ANR '?'
AMD K6 233ANR '?'

A somewhat rare AMD K6 because it has a 'big style' K6-logo. Compare with the other related CPU's and see the difference. The difference is only optical. In other words: the chip itself is identical to any other normal K6-233.
... > Read more

View processor details AMD K6 200ALR '25910'
AMD K6 200ALR '25910'

Just like the 166MHz model but somewhat faster.... > Read more

View processor details AMD K6 233ANR '25755'
AMD K6 233ANR '25755'

Just like this AMD K6 166ALR but then faster and hotter. The AMD K6 233 runs like hell if it comes down to integer performance (which you'll notice in Doom and Windows) but is somewhat poor with floating point (FPU) calculations. In case you want to play 3D-... > Read more

View processor details AMD K6 266AFR '26031'
AMD K6 266AFR '26031'

Although the codename of this CPU is 'Little foot' it isn't just the same as the AMD K6 166, 200 and 233 with ANR. This one has been made on 250nm and uses 2,2V. Performance would be equal to a 266MHz 'old' Little foot but heat generation is far less. Because of this AMD could also crank up this CPU... > Read more