Paradise PVGA1A

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View graphics card detailsParadise PVGA1A JK 8b (ISA)
Paradise PVGA1A JK 8b (ISA)

FCC ID is DX9IL LH6670. The 16-bit model ends with LH6672. Is pretty much the same as the 16-bit model. Same brand, same color, etc. Except for being 8-bit, having lower rated memory, and having oscillator crystals rather than a PLL it's identical.

This card is probably sold as 'TopVGA 2000'.... > Read more

View graphics card detailsParadise PVGA1A JK (ISA)
Paradise PVGA1A JK (ISA)

This is the oldest VGA card I own. It's sitting in my ARC 8088 system and does it's job well.

If you're looking for the dip-switch configuration:[quote]Switch 1 Monitor Type. ON: Multi frequency, OFF: Standard VGA
Switch 2 VGA Mode Switching Style. ON: PS/2 Style - All modes available on all mon... > Read more

View graphics card detailsParadise PVGA1A JK 16b (ISA)
Paradise PVGA1A JK 16b (ISA)

Same chip as the one on the 8-bit ISA cards but it now it can probably use full-bandwidth. Benchmarks show a slight improvement over the 8-bit model. Unfortunately I don't know what the clock speed of this card is so I'm unsure if the performance-gain is due... > Read more