Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GHz

My third 1.5GHz Intel Pentium 4 CPU. This one is practically the same as this 1.5GHz CPU except for the fact that we are dealing with an Engineering Sample. Benchmarking this CPU would be useless as scores are identical to the 1500MHz Willamette in the given link.

This CPU does work but turned out to be less compatible with my MSI 850 Pro2 motherboard and has technical problems. With difficulties I could get it running at only 800MHz (8x100) instead of the full 1500MHz. I booted it at 1500MHz once but highly unstable. Booting Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 didn't work quite well, I got an 'hard error' at the time the desktop should pop up. In the BIOS I noticed the CPU temperature was 0C. It got the correct values when I pushed somewhere on the heatspreader. For testing purposes I grabbed an Intel Desktop Board with i850 chipset of the shelf to give it a go. Now it booted up at 1500MHz at once :). I didn't bother installing the Intel Desktop Board into my PC and install everything so no CPUz screenshot or whatsoever.

In this case the Intel Desktop Board turned out to be the solution to get this CPU running properly. But beware that the board doesn't support multipliers lower then 12x. Running CPU's like the QT69ES is not advisable as you would 'overclock' (in case that's possible with an unrated CPU) it to 1200MHz which is most likely to fail. Not to mention you're stressing up the old chip to the maximum (at the day I figured that the board didn't go for low multipliers my QT69ES booted up once, after many tries and not hoping the CPU was defect, at 1200MHz).


Core / Codename
Front Side Bus
100MHz (QDR400)
8x ~ 15x (unlocked)
L1 cache
12KB + 8KB
L2 cache
256KB On-die fullspeed
Chip date
Transistor count
CPU Only
Engineering sample?


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