Intel Xeon Jayhawk

The fourth iteration of Pentium 4's would be based on the Intel 'Tejas' core. It was rumoured that the Tejas would have very high power consumption (up to 150W).

This engineering sample is officially a 'Jayhawk'-core which is the Xeon-version of the 'Tejas'. It is dated 14th week of 2004 (April) which is 3 weeks before Intel cancelled the Tejas/Jayhawk project. The project was cancelled just before the first A0-samples had to tape-out which would mean that unfortunately there are no working samples out there. Mechanical and thermal samples, like this sample, are the closest we can get to Tejas/Jayhawk.

Many references and rumours exist about Tejas when you look back on tech-sites. Sometimes I see that the early Prescott-samples are dubbed Tejas and sometimes I see references to Tejas but it turned out to be Smithfield. Nevertheless, on the forum at people have confirmed with Intel engineers that no working silicium exists.

Going back diving into the archives of tech-sites I see references that Tejas would be scheduled for 2005. Apparently Intel saw that Tejas wouldn't be the future and got working on merging two Prescott's together (in other words: Smithfield / Pentium D) while continue working on the successor Conroe (Core 2 Duo). In 2004 the name 'Merom' (mobile version of Core 2 Duo) as a new version of the Pentium M were already mentioned.

Two documented sSpecs exist:

862736 Yes with Exemption JAYHAWK 1069-2.1 JM80548KX000000Q BGD QBGD FC-LGA4A 11/27/2010
862735 Yes with Exemption JAYHAWK 1069-2.1 JM80548KZ000000Q BGC QBGC FC-LGA4A 11/27/2010

Of course I've tried booting this sample (in a Proliant DL360 G5) but it doesn't work. The systems powers up and immediately stops. Not a surprise but still I wondered what would happen ;).


Core / Codename
Front Side Bus
L1 cache
L2 cache
Chip date
Transistor count
CPU only
Engineering sample?

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