First of all: I'm not the author nor I know who Doomfrost made; but for sure it's a good modification of a save game.

In case you want to modify a savegame yourself (or modify Doomfrost); check out the 'Death Rally savegame modification' article which can be found in the sidebar on the right.

Where can I get Doomfrost?

You can download it here: DR.SG3.

What does Doomfrost offer?

The player rankings are upside down. This means that Farmer Ted will be driving a Deliverator where Sam Speed is stuck with a Vagabond. In addition the difficulty is higher; opponents are faster because they have fully upgraded cars.

How do I get it running?

It requires the full version v1.1. Download the DR.SG3 file and place it in the root of the Death Rally folder (all the other files of Death Rally like RALLY.EXE are also in the root). Load up the game and load savegame 'New Universe'.

In case you have problems running Death Rally on your PC you can try using DOSBox. This emulator allows you to run Death Rally on virtually any modern platform.

How does it look?

You start out as Greg Peck; in grey!

The player listing is upside down.

In game with other AI players.

23 March 2013 21:53

download link does not work

12 April 2013 13:16

Try right click > Save as :). Somehow Internet Explorer seems to try to open the file rather than offering it as a download. If you still encounter problems, please let me know the details.

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