On a work-related issue I was tinkering with Reporting Services. Transferring over 300 reports manually didn't seem like a good idea and quickly I got on track to RSScripter.zip but it was hard to find. The links to sqldbatips.com are broken and mirrors aren't much available.

You can download the original RSSCripter file here: RSScripter.zip.

Information about the tool can be found here:
Migrating SQL Reporting Services to a new server
Download reports from Sql Server Reporting Services

Happy exporting!

27 June 2013 10:43

Thanks. Couldn't find it anywhere else.

11 July 2013 17:21

Thanks man! Much appreciated!

12 July 2013 13:53

Thanks again

31 July 2013 10:08


08 August 2013 08:32

You can even try the script share in this link -

Hope,this helps!

20 February 2014 20:20

Thanks, been hunting for this for a while now

18 June 2014 12:08

Jasper Smith's website was fortunately captured by web.archive before they disappeared. You can find links to the saved homepage and download for RSScripter at http://sqlserverfinebuild.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Install%20Reporting%20Services%20Scripter

You may also be interested in RSLinkGen to manage linked reports. The links for this are at http://sqlserverfinebuild.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Install%20Linked%20Report%20Generator

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