Originally Prospector is written for the Radio Shack Color Computer (Read page 58, 59, 60, 61) from The Rainbow Vol. 08 No. 05 which I got of Color Computer Archive. Click here for a video of the original version. Chris Lee was 32 years old when he wrote the game and was inspired by the game Donkey Kong.

Later he wrote Prospector for the PC using assembly (TurboASM). The PC version is 41KB and uses EGA graphics. You can download the shareware version here: Prospector Shareware.

I liked this game in the past and a while ago it popped back in my mind. On the web you can find information about many DOS games and a great deal of them are even played on YouTube (i.e. longplays and speedruns). It seems that Prospector for the PC hasn't been uploaded on YouTube!

As I never got past level 3 in the old days I started playing Prospector again to find out what the other levels could offer. During playing I used DOSBox's feature to record the game. Notice that level 6 and onwards were completely new to me while I recorded the game so I didn't know what to expect. In the video you'll see the shareware version which has 10 levels in total, but I didn't get past level 9.

The video:

Some screenshots:


And of course a quote from the game:

Prospector takes place in a mine deep in the depths of the earth. The prospector is searching for nuggets of gold while avoiding the many creatures in the mine and navigating the various machines found there.


Contact with any of the creatures is fatal to the prospector. Aside from the creatures, there are the various machines within the mine, including elevators, teleportation platforms, floating platforms, conveyor belts, and jets of flame.

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