Jackpot, a DOS-game from 1991 written by Tim de Groot. A game involving cards, a joker bar and bonus points. It's all based on luck and good timing.

You can download the game here. It will run in DOSBox but the timing is a little off. It runs perfectly on older XT and AT systems, though.

Instructions on playing the game:

Spacebar : roll new cards
Keys 1 to 4: 'hold' a card for the next roll. This can only be done if 'HOLD' is written under the cards.
F1 : Help (in Dutch)
F3 : Clear highscore list
F5 : End game
F9 : Show highscore list
S : Toggle sound on/off
D : Toggle demo play on/off.

The scoring of the cards is as following:
4 x DJAHIL cards200 points
4 x 5 BAR cards180 points
4 x 3 BAR cards170 points
4 x 1 BAR cards160 points
4 identical 'regular' cards150 points
3 x DJAHIL cards40 points
3 x 5 BAR cards35 points
3 x 3 BAR cards30 points
3 x 1 BAR cards25 points
3 identical 'regular' cards20 points
2 x DJAHIL cards15 points
2 x 5 BAR cards10 points
2 x 3 BAR cards7 points
2 x 1 BAR cards5 points
2 identical 'regular' cards on row3 points
2 identical 'regular' cards2 points

The bonus points will be collected over time and you can gamble them when you get a 'BONUS' card on a roll or when the bar is completely full.

On the bottom you'll see a playing cards row which can be used whenever you have a 'JOKER' card on a roll. The idea is to collect 21 points using the joker bar. If you have a 'JOKER' card and used it you'll often have the ability to hold the cards. To use the 'JOKER' again hold all four cards by pressing 1 to 4 and then roll again.

What does the game look like?

To see the game in action please play this video:

Two in-game screenshots:

25 October 2017 05:45

am nenjoye because the hacking is my lyfe

25 October 2017 05:47

i like this game becaude it give you the o^portunity to playe and learne

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