New Doom levels usually are build from scratch featuring a new design with new ideas. In the past I made Doom levels this way, too. After years have passed I came to the idea to create a level based upon all the original Doom levels.

I made two levels; the first featuring a part of each level from episode 1 to episode 3. The second has parts from each level of the fourth episode. Everything has been put together at random; if it fitted nicely it was pasted into the new level.

I recorded video's of both maps which you can find on YouTube: Doom Level-mix episode 1 to 3 and Doom Level-mix episode 4.

E1M1: Hangar with E1M3: Toxin Refinery in the background.
E4M2: Perfect Hatred with E4M3: Sever the Wicked on the right far end.

How to play?

1. Get Ultimate Doom version 1.9 running (i.e. in conjunction with DOSBox).
2. Download and extract the MIX.WAD file into your Doom directory.
3. Start Doom using the -file mix.wad parameter (see figure).
4. Start episode 1 (Knee-Deep in the Dead).

22 September 2021 00:11

Cool stuff, d00d. Reminds me of the Patchwork Empire:
I released a couple wads too (in the usual idgames mirrors) but they're just average vanilla Doom 1 stuff. Try 'em if you ever get bored: (made with DEU 5.21, in dosbox) (made E1M3 in Yadex)
In both cases I was running OpenBSD on an old IBM Thinkpad (R40 or T30, I had both of those models).

23 September 2021 17:10

Nice! Never heard of Patchwork Empire. I'll give that one and your maps a go anytime soon :).

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