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ARK (Advance Rendering Kernel) Logic made graphic chips from 1993 to 1999.

They made the following chips:
ARK 1000PV
ARK 2000PV
ARK 2000MT
ARK 2000MI
ARK 2000MI+
ARK 8100 Tiger 3D
ARK 8800 Cougar 3D

The 1000PV is a 2D chip which performes quite well for it's time. The 2000-series were upgraded versions but could not compete with other companies who started fiddling around with 3D functions. In it's last years ARK announced the 8100 Tiger 3D and 8800 Cougar 3D but I have never seen such cards.

I found this article on the web giving information about ARK 3D-cards:

Ark Logic Offers Its First 3D Chip
A 3D graphics-video accelerator that offers workstation-class graphics for the sub-$1000 PC market was announced today by ARK Logic, Inc. of San Jose.

Called the ARK 8100 Tiger 3D accelerator, the device integrates a texture memory that is separate and distinct from the typical frame buffer, distinguishing it from comparable products.

By dividing the memory bus as it does, Tiger 3D incurs no performance penalty when doing complex texture manipulations since the display buffer is isolated from all texture traffic. This texture memory, which can be configured to a maximum of 4 MB, reduces the amount of "texture thrashing" that typically occurs during the rendering process.

This architecture also enables both double and triple buffering without affecting the number of textures that can be stored in local memory.

The Tiger 3D has a complete feature set. In addition to flat, Gouraud and specular shading and lighting, the Tiger 3D also incorporates 32-bit true color and a 24-bit Z-buffer with an 8-bit stencil buffer. Single pass bilinear and trilinear filtering plus alpha blending and edge anti-aliasing enable the device to compete with products that cost two to three times as much.

The ARK 8100 Tiger 3D processor is priced at $21.00 US in OEM quantities of 10,000 units. The product is sampling now and will be available in production quantities in the second quarter of 1998.

Ernie Besso, Director of Sales and Marketing, Tel 408 467-1988.

ARK Processor Reduces Cost of 3D Graphics
ARK Logic has introduced the Cougar 3D graphics accelerator that provides full texture support for today's 3D applications.

The ARK 8800 Cougar 3D graphics accelerator is a follow-on product to the ARK 8100 Tiger accelerator and is the latest product to be offered in the Big Cat family. The Cougar 3D is a fully integrated single chip device, incorporating ARK Logic's 2D graphics and video acceleration.

The Cougar 3D implements a multistage 3D pipeline to assist in the balancing of visual quality and application performance by providing a 3D solution with high fill rates and frame rates. The Interleaved Texture Architecture (ITAX) provides a scalable texture memory solution that can be precisely matched to the end user's graphics needs. System memory is never used to provide the high-level texture support.

A 16Mb Cougar 3D add-in board, targeted for the entertainment market, will be available at a suggested retail price of $64.95. A 6Mb "compromise" version will have a suggested retail price of $29.95. As a component, the Cougar 3D will carry an OEM price of $13 in quantities of 10,000 units.

Ray Lu, co-founder and president of ARK Logic, Tel: 408 467-9788

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