Creative 3DBlaster Banshee

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View graphics card detailsCreative 3DBlaster Banshee CT6760 (PCI)
Creative 3DBlaster Banshee CT6760 (PCI)

Another Banshee with discolourations because of the heat. Though the chip can handle it with ease the board gets brown a bit.

The board does not function well. I suspect some traces in the PCB are broken as the card does work when it's bended.... > Read more

View graphics card detailsCreative 3DBlaster Banshee CT6750 (AGP)
Creative 3DBlaster Banshee CT6750 (AGP)

Regular Banshee recipe: a hot running passive cooled Voodoo Banshee. The PCB shows discolourations because of the heat and indeed, after a while it's all too hot to touch. Luckily the 3dfx chips are solid and heat isn't much of an issue.... > Read more