Siemens 8088

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View processor details NEC 8088 D 'N/A'
NEC 8088 D 'N/A'

This is an Intel 8088 clone running at 5MHz (4,77). It just runs exactly like the Intel chip in terms of performance.... > Read more

View processor details Siemens 8088 -1-P 'N/A'
Siemens 8088 -1-P 'N/A'

My first PC had an Intel-clone 8088 8MHz processor. Along with 640KB RAM, 5,25" DD drive and a Seagate ST-225 'tank' it was installed in an ARC ProTurbo-88. The 8088 is a cheaper variant of the 8086. Whereas the 8086 has a 16-bit interface the 8088 has 8-bit. Because of this motherboard manufacturer... > Read more