Intel A80286

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View processor details Intel A80286 8 'N/A'
Intel A80286 8 'N/A'

Much like the 10MHz model but 2MHz slower and 2 years younger. Back in 1986 this was a steady performer. Although clocked identical to many 8086/8088 computers the 286 was much faster. In Europe many people bought 8088-based computers even in 1988! Consider ... > Read more

View processor details Intel A80286 10 'N/A'
Intel A80286 10 'N/A'

Clocked at a fair 10MHz and fitted with pins like many future CPU's would have. In the day of the 286 one could find LCC (ceramic without pins), plastic packages and ceramic PGA (with pins) CPU's. This variety disappeared in the years to come.... > Read more