Kvazar KM1810BM

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View processor details Kvazar KM1810BM 88 'N/A'
Kvazar KM1810BM 88 'N/A'

Kvazar is an Ukrainian manufacturer from the USSR-era. They made perfectly matching Intel 8088 and 8086 clones. As seen on the picture they used white packaging with gold-colored pins. I like that color combination!

I've tested this CPU in my ARC 8088 system and it works as a normal 4,77MHz/5MHz ... > Read more

View processor details Kvazar KM1810BM 86 'N/A'
Kvazar KM1810BM 86 'N/A'

Just like the 8088-clone but in 8086 version. The 8086 CPU's are almost identical except that they work with a 16-bit wide bus instead of 8-bit.

The production date of this chip is interesting. Intel designed the 8086 in 1976 and Kvazar made this CPU sixt... > Read more