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View processor details VIA C3 1.0A 'BWT6B'
VIA C3 1.0A 'BWT6B'

VIA's attempt to create a small energy efficient CPU. They made it on 130nm and it has a die-size of only 52mm2. Performance is not great but that's not the intention, energy efficiency is.

The CPU I have has been removed (it was soldered) from a motherboard that was defect. I used a second, work... > Read more

View processor details VIA C3 800A 'TWT6V'
VIA C3 800A 'TWT6V'

This CPU is soldered onto a PC Chips M789CG motherboard and was sold as VIA C3 2000+ CPU. The motherboard is dated 2006 so selling an underpowered 800MHz part as '2000+' is quite misleading. In that time-frame it would've been fair enough as budget thin client but not as regular desktop system.

I... > Read more