A-Trend Helios 3D Voodoo Rush

The ATC-2475 or better known as the A-Trend Helios 3D Voodoo Rush. This particular card has 6MB and combines the Alliance Semiconductor AT-25 (for 2D-output) with the 3Dfx TMU and FJR chips (for 3D-output). The RAM on the board is shared.

The Voodoo Rush certainly didn't have the success as the original Voodoo Graphics. The Voodoo Graphics, usually referred to as Voodoo 1, could only output 3D-graphics. Since 3Dfx didn't have 2D-technology on-board yet they partnered (or formed an Alliance ;)) with 2D-chip maker Alliance and Macronix.

To be honest the Alliance AT-25 is not the best chip out there in terms of compatibility and speed. Add to that the fact that memory is shared across the 2D and 3D-chips causing memory latencies to increase. All in all this led to lower performance, inferior compatibility with games and also (newer) motherboards. If you ever plug in a Voodoo Rush in a relatively 'new' system like an Athlon XP or Pentium 4 chances are the card doesn't work. Do not immediately conclude your card is defective; it might just work fine in a period-correct 33MHz PCI-bus Intel 430VX motherboard :).

The A-Trend cards are often identifiable in a few ways:
1. Look for an AQA sticker (which this Rush doesn't have)
2. Look for ATC productnumbers.
3. Look at the back; the round blue sticker can be found on Voodoo Rush. Both yellow and red can be found on Voodoo II's and yellow usually on Voodoo Graphics.

The Voodoo Rush came in various board configurations.
1. The Biostar Venus3D looks a bit similar on a distance but has a different chip layout, different voltage supplier (check the FET), and removable BIOS and TV-out support chip.
2. Hercules Stingray 128 3D came in both single and dual-plane versions. I have the single-plane version. It's shorter than the A-Trend.
3. Skywell Magic 3D Rush is different in PCB configuration and boasts a, less common, Macronix 2D chip.
4. Adrenaline 3D Rush by Jazz Multimedia. I haven't openend the box but inside is a card that has the same lay-out as this A-Trend Helios 3D Voodoo Rush.


PCB date
Chip date
6MB EDO 35NS (tm)
TV functions?
Engineering sample?
Board revision


Driver nameRelease dateOperating systemDownloadInfo
Hercules Stingray 128/3D V1.00.0b1997-06-11

Win31 WfW31 WfW311 stingray128_3D-Win...N/A
3dfx Voodoo Rush (Single planar) V3.01.001999-05-01

DOS Win95 Win98 Win98SE WinME voodoorush-30100-s...N/A
3dfx Voodoo Rush (Dual planar) V3.01.001999-05-01

DOS Win95 Win98 Win98SE WinME voodoorush-30100-d...N/A
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