Innovision MightyFX 6M

The MightyFX 6M is a somewhat different Voodoo Graphics card and it differentiates itself by having 6MB of RAM instead of 4MB. It also has a heatsink on the TMU chip which not all manufacturers bothered to add. At last but not least there are empty spots for TV-out connectors and support chips. My card doesn't have these filled and I can't remember seeing a MightyFX-branded card that did have TV-out functions.

Interesting to note is that InnoVISION also sold the Cyber3D X5000 (3DX5000) branded cards. The Cyber3D X5000 is available in 4MB and 6MB versions as well and usually comes with a brown PCB. Some versions of the Cyber3D X5000 have memory chips that are mounted vertical whereas others have horizontal mounted chips. All MightyFX cards I've seen had horizontal chips.

The link to the similar benchmarks points to the miroMEDIA miroHISCORE 3D 6MB card. Despite that the miroHISCORE card is different in connectors and lay-out it doesn't really perform different than the MightyFX 6M so benchmarks are comparable. Back in the day when these cards were new you would sometimes see performance differences between brands which was usually the cause of different drivers (I use the latest generic 3dfx drivers) and slight overclocks.


PCB date
Chip date
6MB EDO 50NS (Alliance)
Card only
TV functions?
Engineering sample?
Ti TVP3409
Board revision


Driver nameRelease dateOperating systemDownloadInfo
Voodoo Graphics V3.01.001999-05-01

DOS Win95 Win98 Win98SE WinME
Iceman Win9x Driver V3.01.012001-03-03

Win95 Win98 Win98SE iceman-voodoo1-win...N/A
Iceman Win2K driver V1.00.012001-03-04

Win2000 iceman-voodoo1-win...Link
Basic Voodoo1 Driver 2001-09-27

Win2000 WinXP voodoo1-win2k-winx...Link


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