06 August 2006 21:47

A topic dedicated for fixing hardware.

Recently I obtained an 3dfx Interactive, Inc. Voodoo 5 5500 AGP. When I removed the ESD-shielding a capacitor fell off. Pictures say more then words:

This one was quite easy to fix. I used a regular soldering iron (25W) and heated up both contacts. After both contacts points we're smooth I heated up one of the two contacts and pressed the capacitor back on. Because I didn't have four hands and two soldering irons I had to solder one contact at a time.

The second contact was quite easy to. I managed to squeeze the soldering iron to the second contact and pressed the capacitor tightly (but carefully) onto the PCB.

After fixing it looked like this:

It's steady at it's place again and the card works fine again. Both 2D and 3D modes are functional :)

24 April 2008 05:41

Nice. This is the very basic of fixing your own hardware. When it comes down SMD or even smaller components it's really hard to solder them yourself, or lets say fix it without knowing what part is damaged.

I've completely soldered all the capacitors once on a 2600Pro, and figured out i can resolder them again since they where soldered on the wrong side rofl.

Here's a picture of the 2600Pro card when i de-soldered all the original capacitors and replaced them with some heavyer ones (they actually make a difference at higher clock-speeds and / or voltages). Also this picture shows how the capacitors where soldered on the back of the card, to make room for Ocíng features.

The card died somehow after installing the vapochill. I mananged to get 1140MHz core with a voltage of 2.15v maximum, any higher would give strange sparksounds rofl. Man that card was a blast. Ended second in the 2600Pro OC contest @ GoT with merely 2 FPS difference :/

27 April 2008 12:06

Soldering normal capacitors is quite easy. Motherboard wih leaking caps are fixed within minutes ;). Soldering the capacitor on the V5 5500 was a little bit more difficult as the capacitor doesn't have pins like normal capacitors. But, in the end it was doable :P.

Btw pity you didn't win the contest :o.

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