04 March 2009 17:52

Hello Sebastiaan,

I'm a 15 years old student and I live in Holland,
Could you help me compose a system?
I just need a little help, I can explain what I need ect. later, but first I want to know if you want to help me a little.

Ammer Dragstra

04 March 2009 18:06

Sure although I will rely on the 'Best Buy Guides' on Tweakers.net :).

What you need to do is to define a purpose and budget for your new system. Think about what you want to do with it and which parts you already have (monitor for example). Also think about the price.

04 March 2009 21:53

Yep, I know, but first I would know if you would help me :-).
Well, I only have an Acer Aspire 5100 laptop(3 yrs old).
I'm not very wealthy, altough, I think I still can get something nice with my budget.
This is 800-1200 €, depending on what I get for my money.
I only want to play CoD 4 and in the future 6, and I dont need more.
It have to run smooth, because I can't own with lagg ect.
BUT, There may be another option, wich I like too,
Just a Desktop, with a normal wirless logitech mouse and keyboard, and a LCD screen, or a beamer.
This sounds good to me, since I can watch HD tv too then.
I think a proper LCD screen cost about 500-600 €.
I could buy a beamer too, or just a normal monitor.
Beamers are expensive, and they may be too big, but it sounds great to me.
Well, my budget is low, I know it, and I might get some more money.
If I'm going to buy such media, it will be around August(Bday) so the prices might drop a bit?

I've read your BBG guides, but I wanted some more personal help.
Sorry for the long message, and my english is not really great.
Speakers might not needed, because I have some old, big speakers.
I'm not playing for the sound, so that doesnt really matter.

I hope you can help me!


04 March 2009 22:29

A desktop PC with gaming as focus. The 'high-end game system' (click) might be a good idea. Of course with some changes of the hardware.

A normal TFT monitor doesn't have to be 500 or 600 euro. The regular TN-panel based monitors are around 200 ~ 250. The Samsung Syncmaster 2443BW in the high-end game system is nearly 250 which isn't bad. In case you want more you're looking for a 24" 1920x1200 monitor with anything else than a TN-panel. S-IPS for example which give better colors. The downside is that these monitors are starting at prices from 400 to 500 euro so you'd be better of with a normal TN panel and perhaps upgrade to a better monitor in the future.

I wouldn't go for a beamer. A beamer should be optional so first get your whole system together and then think about buying a (decent) beamer. Whether prices will drop in August or not: I'm not sure. They might drop of course but I don't think it will drop as fast like PC-hardware for example. In either case: wait until August and then look around for beamers. If you look for a beamer today and buy one half a year later the market might have changed and the beamer you chose might be 'old' already.

Anyhow: By changing the 'high-end game system' to a game system in your budget I would suggest the following:

PartBrand / TypePrice (EUR)
MotherboardFoxconn A7DA-S85
RAMOCZ Platinum Dual Channel OCZ2P10664GK53
GraphicsSapphire HD 4870 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E200
Hard driveSeagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB50
MonitorSamsung Syncmaster 2443BW250
CaseCooler Master Centurion 59060
PSUCooler Master Silent Pro 600W85
OpticalSamsung SH-S223F17

This is exact 800 euro without CPU, speakers, mouse and keyboard. I'm not into keyboards and mice so I can't really say which one is best. Although I would suggest going for just a 'normal' wired mouse like Logitech G5 Laser Mouse (35 EUR) or Logitech MX518 (30 EUR). For keyboards (and mice too actually) you'd better take a look at your own and get one you like. Keyboards and mice are personal. I would never buy a G5 but go for a cheap Logitech Optical Wheelmouse with only the necessary buttons. Other people would do exact the opposite.

I read that sound wasn't needed so I'll skip that one. In case you will buy it in the future think about spending 50/60 to 100 euro for something that works out.

I left the CPU 'open'. You can buy whatever you like depending on your budget. The system in the list is your minimum budget. In case you can spend about 210 EUR more go for the AMD Phenom II X4 940 BE. For 140 the AMD Phenom II X3 720 is quite all right and a budget dual-core (which decent price/performance ratio) is the AMD Athlon 64 X2 7750 Black Edition that goes for around 65! Triple/Quad-core isn't needed for today's games. If you can afford one, go for it otherwise just stick with the X2 7750 :).

The 500GB hard drive is favor because it has one platter. This means there is only one disk inside the hard drive. Normally a 500GB could consist of two 250GB platters for example. If you want more speed you can consider getting two 500GB drives and put them into a RAID0 array. This is faster, will get you 1000GB in total but is failure sensitive. If one disk fails the data on the other one is lost, too. Alternative would be Samsung Spinpoint F1 DT HD103UJ (1000GB) for around 90 euro.

If you want to shave off a bit of the price you can get Kingston ValueRAM KVR800D2N5K2/4G for example. This is good memory for around 40 euro. You could also consider a Phenom II X4 920 instead of 940. The 920 is about 180 euro.

Also don't forget software. Vista Home Premium 64bit OEM is around 100 euro.

I hope this will get you anywhere :).

(Btw: I didn't go for Intel's Core i7 because they are more expensive and games rely on graphics power. A Phenom II X4 can be 0,5FPS faster compared to a Core i7 when gaming at high resolution/detail. In applications that are CPU focussed the Core i7 will be faster (in general) but that extra performance is of no use in your case. If you want to read more about the Core i7: click!).

05 March 2009 15:39

Well, I actually meant a TV screen, with a HDMI connection to my PC,
I thought about the keyboard, and the Logitech gaming keyboard(the first version, g11 I think) Cost about € 55.(saw this at tweaker).
I got a fine mouse, and I can use that one.
Do I have to put these parts in the desktop myself?
I don't need alot Hard disk space.(using 25 GB now)
I thought at such screen,(http://tweakers.net/pricewatch/208041/lg-37lg3000.html#tab:prices)

I really don't have any idea what processor, coolers, and motherboard I need for decent gaming.
Now I play at a default HP Desktop, wich isn't great.
What do you thing of a big LCD tv screen?
I could put a Tv card into my pc, and install a blue-ray drive?


05 March 2009 22:50

Are you sure you want to use a TV (even though it's will be LCD) screen as primary screen? I think you're better of with a normal 22" TFT. Is quite big enough and better readable when browsing or whatsoever. In case you want to watch movies just buy a decent beamer afterwards and enjoy a real big screen :). A TV-card (TV-Tuner) is only needed if you want to watch TV using your PC. If you want to play DVD's (Blu-ray is still more expensive) you don't need a TV card.

You have to assemble the system by yourself, indeed.

Which system to get? The one I described above. Because you don't need much harddisk space just assemble it with the 500GB drive. The processor: get one of the ones I mentioned according to your budget.

06 March 2009 23:57

Can't we just talk dutch somewhere?
I just want to see TV in HD(at least good quallity, big size), Watch blue-ray movies, and play CoD6(in the future).
If CoD 7 releases, I expect I still can play it on this desktop without a big change.(within the price range)
For the rest, I think ur right,

Sapphire HD 4870 1GB GDDR5 PCI-E
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB
Foxconn A7DA-S
Samsung SH-S223F

Are ok I think,
I might choose another case, and do I need vid.card cooling?/other cooling?

What does the OCZ Platinum Dual Channel OCZ2P10664GK Includes?
Is that DDR3? and how many GB?

I also can buy a small '17 monitor for browsing the web(cost around €75), or just use this laptop for browsing.(I keep this one)
As I said I wont need a mouse, and I buy the G11 Gaming keyboard.
I might can get free windows vista(ultimate), but Im not sure about that.
Could I install xp too? Does that benefit?

Ill find out if I can plug in the boxes, otherwise I'll buy some cheap ones.
The beamer isn't such great Idea for my budget.


09 March 2009 17:57

I'd rather stick to English so everyone can read this :).

Regarding cooling I don't think it's necessary to buy additional CPU (processor) / GPU (graphics) cooling. According to CoolerMaster (click the system case includes two 120MM fans so you don't have to buy casefans :).

What does the OCZ Platinum Dual Channel OCZ2P10664GK Includes?
Is that DDR3? and how many GB?

The OCZ RAM is DDR2-SDRAM. It's 2x2GB so 4GB in total. DDR3-SDRAM is not going to work. This is only for future AMD AM3-socket systems.
I might can get free windows vista(ultimate), but Im not sure about that.
Could I install xp too? Does that benefit?
Ok :). XP tends to be a bit faster but on this (a decent system) Vista Ultimate will run fine enough. Just make sure you tweak some things like disabling unnecessary services or the sidebar for example. I prefer Vista 64bit over XP 64bit due software compatibility and you want to go for a 64bit OS these days. Especially as the old 32b XP (and 32b Vista too actually) isn't capable of addressing all the 4GB of memory. You'll probably end up with effectively 2,75GB ~ 3GB of RAM.
Ill find out if I can plug in the boxes, otherwise I'll buy some cheap ones.
Years ago I had a stereo-system plugged in, too. I bought a cable with a 3,5MM jack and two Tulp/Cinch connectors. (like this)

I'm not sure about the HD television as I'm not familiar TV's. Perhaps you can find something on KoopInfo.nl or Google for a roundup. Otherwise get a visit to the local TV store :). Although this system is not going to be mine I would still go for a 22" / 24" TFT panel. In my opinion they are big enough and have sharper image quality due to a higher resolution.

19 March 2009 21:12

Ill think about this and let you know.
I have my doubts if I can do this, I might need some help.
What should I do if my pc crashes or something...
Well let me think about it!
Thanks for your help and I'll contact you after I've decided.

19 March 2009 21:33

Sure :).

If your system breaks you have to fix it yourself or get it fixed by someone. The latter will cost money of course. In case a part breaks you can send it for RMA and get it repaired or obtain a new part.

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