01 April 2014 11:03

Great benchmarks! I would like to test some of the benchmarks on my own (DOS) machine but I can't download all the software. For example DOSBench (http://thandor.net/benchmark/36) is nowhere to find. Can you add the files so I can download them?


02 April 2014 12:43

Thanks Rambler! I will add some of the downloads in a few days.

07 April 2014 12:23

I've added some of the benchmarks. The DOSBench download can be found in the sidebar of the right of this page.

08 April 2014 12:03

Thanks! Haven't tested it on real machines yet but DOSBox results are:
3000 cycles: 2179
500 cycles: 358
It scales good; 6 times less cycles is 6 times a lower score.

I used standard settings and core=auto :).

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