The new site is online. This is version two which support better newsitems, a better guestbook, PM functions for users, a forum and more!
Even the page dedicated for my 3dfx collection has been improved. Links to drivers, more information and for several cards new pictures.

Besides that the code of the site has been changed a lot. Lot's of code is rewritten. (But still not perfect ;))
Several parts of this site will be rewritten again. Other parts are not finished yet but are not neccesary so the site can run without it.

I hope you like it :)

19 May 2006 20:31

Hmm nice job there :)

only I mis the [/img] function for posting resized pics in the forum section :)

21 May 2006 00:14

Thumbnail support isn't implemented yet. Currently I'm reworking the forum and sooner or later it will be possible to use [img=xxx,yyy]link-to-picture-here[/img] tags :)
A few other features will be inserted as well.

27 May 2006 16:29

New functionality regarding the [img ] and [url ] tags has been added. See this topic in the forum :)

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26 June 2006 21:52

I like your site, but it would be nicer if it were bigger. I don't know if you have time for that, or useful information to use for it, but it shows a lot of potential. Is the forum a React forum or something else? It doesn't look like GoT or TBF at all...

27 June 2006 02:11

No it's not React or whatsoever.
I programmed it myself and actually it's still under development ;)

More content on my site is preferable. I'm planning some content and if the time allows me to write it, it won't take that long before it's actually online :)

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08 October 2006 19:36

And Rev3 is online. Lot's of code has been rewritten. Also the layout is a tad better.

Regarding new features: They will be mainly seen in the forum. A better rights system, categories, topic reports, links to PM's, etc. :)

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28 September 2007 21:29

Almost a year after, Rev5!
It has been rewritten (again, and again). Not all functionality has been included. It lacks lot's of features (especially when comparing to Rev4.5 which was never online) but those features will be added later :).

10 February 2008 17:37

How's Rev8 doing btw? Or haven't got to that yet :)
Still cool to see your site is still online Thandor :)

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