27 May 2006 16:24

Note, this page is not up-to-date!

From now on it's possible to create tables. This involves normal [table ], [td ] and [tr ] tags.


GameThe orangesThe grass
15 points3 points
27 points6 points
33 points5 points
Total15 points14 points

Links and images


Images can be shown by using the [ img ] tags. Some images are too big for the forum and will destroy the layout. (For example, 800x600 pictures are too big.)
To fix this it's possible to use the following code: [img=640,480] - Link to image - [/img].
This will resize to 640x480 automatically :)


Creating links to sites. Of course it is possible to write down the link like https://thandor.net. Unfortunatly it won't be clickable. To fix this try using the tags. They will create a link like: https://thandor.net
Be sure to insert the full link. That includes https:// ;)

Besides the normal this" rel="external"> -tags make it possible to create more beautiful links.
For example a link like [url=https://www.google.com]this
I used the following code: [url= -Full link- ]this

26 June 2006 21:47

In About&Info you have your first genuine typo :+
It's explanation and not explaination :)

27 June 2006 02:14

It's fixed ;)

And by the way, I'll have to rewrite all the stuff one day I guess. It's a mess in that About & Info page. After the forum is finished I'll have more layout-options so the text will be easier to read :)

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