IBM 80486

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View processor details IBM 80486 66MHz 'N/A'
IBM 80486 66MHz 'N/A'

IBM's version of the DX2/66 was actually made by Cyrix. On the bottom on the CPU a Cyrix logo can be found.

While AMD used Intels 386 architecture to build their 486, Cyrix used reverse engineering to develop it. The early Cyrix 486 chips are somewhat slower compared to Intel or AMD's 486 chips b... > Read more

View processor details IBM 80486 80MHz 'N/A'
IBM 80486 80MHz 'N/A'

Just like IBM's 66MHz 486 but a bit faster.

As seen on the picture the processor has two gold colored strips on the side. I haven't seen any other CPU having those so I wonder why they are there :).... > Read more