Cyrix Cx486DX2

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View processor details Cyrix Cx486DX2 66 'N/A'
Cyrix Cx486DX2 66 'N/A'

Almost same as this Cx486DX2/80 but a few MHz slower. I still like the green heatsink ;).... > Read more

View processor details Cyrix Cx486DX2 80GP 'N/A'
Cyrix Cx486DX2 80GP 'N/A'

First of all: nice heatsink! The green color gives this CPU some sort of extra touch.

Unlike AMD's 486, the Cyrix Cx486 was a reverse engineered Intel CPU. Cyrix did quite a good job on this but their products are generally a bit slower compared to Intel's and AMD's 486 processors. Although basic... > Read more