AMD K6-2+

This page will show all objects that classify as AMD K6-2+, and if possible sorted on production date.

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View processor details AMD K6-2+ 450 '26727'
AMD K6-2+ 450 '26727'

A 180nm AMD K6-2+ at 450MHz. Run's quite fast because of the 128KB on-die full speed L2 cache but despite the 180nm process it doesn't scale well. The K6 architecture is not designed to reach high clock frequencies. This model can run at 500MHz but 550MHz is highly unstable.... > Read more

View processor details AMD K6-2+ 550 '26727'
AMD K6-2+ 550 '26727'

Same as this K6-2+ 450 but clocked at 550MHz. Note that 550MHz is quite to the limit of the K6-2 architecture and not every 180nm K6-2+ is able to reach 550MHz.... > Read more