AMD Sempron

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View processor details AMD Sempron 2400+ 'SDA2400DUT3D'
AMD Sempron 2400+ 'SDA2400DUT3D'

Just like this Sempron 2200+ but one multiplier faster.... > Read more

View processor details AMD Sempron 2200+ 'SDA2200DUT3D'
AMD Sempron 2200+ 'SDA2200DUT3D'

Successor of the Duron and technically this is just an Athlon XP Thoroughbred but at a lower clock frequency. To compensate speed loss for the lower clock frequency the front side bus is cranked up a bit. Instead of DDR266 it's DDR333 (166MHz) now. AMD was able to do this without problems because al... > Read more

View processor details AMD Sempron 3000+ 'SDA3000DUT4D'
AMD Sempron 3000+ 'SDA3000DUT4D'

A Sempron with a Barton core. It has an extra 256KB L2 cache (512KB in total) compared to the older Semprons with a Thoroughbred core. The Sempron was a budget processor and it's rating numbers aren't comparable with it's brother, the Athlon XP. For instance, the Athlon XP 3000+ with 166MHz (DDR333)... > Read more