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View processor details NEC V 30 'N/A'
NEC V 30 'N/A'

Somewhat uncommon; a NEC V30! Most XT-based systems are equipped with a 8088 class CPU. Others are do their maths with the NEC V20 (a drop-in compatible CPU with the 8088) and older, more expensive, systems use the first classic 8086 CPU. The latter can also be swapped with a NEC counterpart: the NE... > Read more

View processor details NEC V 20 'N/A'
NEC V 20 'N/A'

One of the faster regular XT processors out there! The NEC V20 is a reversed engineered Intel 8088 processor and is slightly faster despite it runs at 8MHz as well.

I installed the NEC V20 in my ARC ProTurbo 88 system (came with Intel 8088 fitted) and noticed faster boottimes and the CPU seems to... > Read more

View processor details NEC V 20 'N/A'
NEC V 20 'N/A'

Just like my other V20 but runs at a faster pace. This 10MHz V20 is fitted onto a Juko ST "TurboXT" motherboard. It's a late 8088-based motherboard and has been manufactured a year after the 486 made it's debut.

In Europe not many TurboXT like these have... > Read more

View processor details NEC V V40 'N/A'
NEC V V40 'N/A'

The NEC V40 is a 16-bit embedded CPU which is compatible with the V20 (which is compatible with the 8088). It has a 8-bit external bus but a different packaging. Because of the different packaging I cannot test this CPU in my regular 8088-motherboards.... > Read more