Intel DX4ODP

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View processor details Intel DX4ODP 75 'SZ956'
Intel DX4ODP 75 'SZ956'

An Overdrive processor with FSB of 25MHz. This one can upgrade a 16MHz 486 to 48MHz, 20MHz to 60MHz and 25MHz to 75MHz.

As seen on the top of the picture this CPU has voltage regulators on it to transform the 5V from the motherboard to 3,3V for the CPU. The CPU inside has been made on a narrower ... > Read more

View processor details Intel DX4ODP 100 'SZ957'
Intel DX4ODP 100 'SZ957'

I like the way they present the overdrive CPU 'flying' out which rapid speed and taking the applications (running at rapid speed!) with it. The backside of the box shows a table with upgrade possibilities and which performance improvement you can expect.

Overdrives we're expensive back in the day... > Read more