01 October 2008 20:02

A new layout, practically one year after the release of revision 5! Most changes can be found in the markup. The technical part of the site has been improved but that's all deep under the skin so no one will notice ;).

For those who want to know more about the development of thandor.net: this is the first article ever posted. It's not much but it dates back in May 2006. Back then I started programming PHP and MySQL as a hobby. My first creations were nothing more then putting and getting some random data in and out a database. From this point I figured it would be a good idea to put some HTML around it and fiddle around with the markup. What happened after? A site was born!

A new site, what for? At first it was nothing more then just a 'construction site' so play around with. Later on I had the idea to put my 3dfx hardware collection on it along with some technical information. This list still exists and can be found here. Click on the names of the card to see pages like these.

A month after the first news article the site, which had a forum already, was being used for annoucements and discussion of LinteLAN. LinteLAN is a small LAN party which took place in my house back in the old days. Today we hire a small cellar in which we can game on whole night without being bothered or bother people ourselves!

Well, that's all for now :).

30 January 2015 14:53

hello , congratulations for your site , I servia question , how can I do to download the final version of wolfenstein 3d part 2 : rott ?

31 January 2015 09:29

Thanks for your interest, redrun! I haven't finished Wolfenstein 3D Part 2 yet. It kind of lost my attention after a while, even though it's almost finished. I'll try to look into it to get it ready!

21 April 2015 21:32

@Redrun: Wolfenstein 3D Part II Rise of the Triad is online. You can read about it here :).

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