Skywell Magic 3D

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View graphics card detailsSkywell Magic 3D Rush (PCI)
Skywell Magic 3D Rush (PCI)

An intereseting Voodoo Rush (which Rush isn't interesting...). This Skywell Magic 3D Rush is equipped with a MX 2D chip rather then an Alliance ProMotion AT-25. The board has a nice blue color as finishing touch.

To save costs the company did not bother about the I/O plate. As seen on the picture... > Read more

View graphics card detailsSkywell Magic 3D Plus (PCI)
Skywell Magic 3D Plus (PCI)

A Voodoo Graphics (SST-1) chipset loaded with a whopping 8MB of RAM. Normally the Voodoo Graphics would only have 4MB RAM. Some models are shipped with 6MB and 8MB RAM but these are harder to find.

This card has been made somewhere mid 1998 which makes it a relative new Voodoo Graphics board. Con... > Read more