3Dfx Voodoo2 PCI

A very early Voodoo2! It's made in the 44th week of 1997. Back then a lot of Voodoo Graphics cards (Voodoo1) were still produced and sold. The Voodoo2 was officially released in February 1998.

Interesting facts about this card are it's design and RAM configuration. First of all, the SLI connector is pointing outwards instead of upwards. Not ideal for a short SLI-cable so we can be glad to see they changed this in the production-version of the Voodoo2 that came to market in 1998.

The RAM modules are placed in a different way comparing to a normal Voodoo2 and the back of the card is completely empty. Most Voodoo2's have chips on both sides of the PCB which usually tells if it's 8MB or 12MB. The 12MB production Voodoo2's are fully populated, the 8MB versions partly populated. The exception on this is the Powercolor Evilking (Voodoo2) 12MB that has no chips on the back-side of the card as well. However, the PowerColor uses 1MB chips and is thus equipped with 12MB.

Since this prototype card uses 12 chips of 512KB each, the card has 6MB EDO in total. In the early days of 1998, Creative Labs mentioned that they would launch 6MB and 8MB models but eventually never sold the 6MB version. Only 8MB and 12MB versions were made. Reason? 8MB is required for running 800x600 resolutions; it would be a shame to have a powerful Voodoo2 running at only 640x480.

If you look closely on the box of the Creative 3DBlaster Voodoo2 CT6670 you can see an image of a Voodoo2 that is probably the 6MB version (with SLI connector pointing upwards).


PCB date
Chip date
6MB EDO 25NS (Silicon Magic)
Card only
TV functions?
Engineering sample?
Board revision


Driver nameRelease dateOperating systemDownloadInfo
3dfx Voodoo2 V3.02.022000-01-27

DOS Win95 Win98 Win98SE WinME voodoo2-30202.zip...Link
FastVoodoo2 XP V4.0 Gold Edition2003-12-22

Win2000 WinXP fastvoodoo2-v40-XP...Link
FastVoodoo2 V4.62004-08-27

Win95 Win98 Win98SE WinME fastv2-win9x-v46.z...Link
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