Gainward Dragon

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View graphics card detailsGainward Dragon 4000 (AGP)
Gainward Dragon 4000 (AGP)

The Gainward version of the Voodoo Banshee; 3Dfx' first attempt to integrate 2D and 3D into one chip.

Gainward is noticeable for it's use of heatsinks. They used the same style heatsinks on the Voodoo2-based Gainward Dragon 3000.... > Read more

View graphics card detailsGainward Dragon 3000 (PCI)
Gainward Dragon 3000 (PCI)

A Voodoo2 which is different comparing with the rest. Lot's of companies took the 3dfx reference design and copied it, attached their label on it and sold it. This was done to save costs on designing a new board and the 3dfx design was a good design anyway.

Though some companies decided to take t... > Read more