This page is dedicated to my processor and graphics cards hardware collection. Down below you'll find links to information about my collection, hardware companies, benchmarks and drivers of the cards I own. Each and every card is listed individually.

List of hardware

You can click on the names or vendors in the table below to read more about the graphics card or processor. If you want a full list of everything in the database, click here for the list.

The five latest additions in a row:
View graphics card detailsATi 3D Rage Pro AGP
View processor detailsIntel Core i3 2120 'SR05Y'
Click to see the Core i3

When people hear about Core i3 they usually think it's a slow product. You'd better get an i5 or even an i7! Well, that's not always the case. When this CPU was released in 2011 (and still interesting in 2012) it was fairly high clocked and based on the new Sandy Bridge core. It had "just" 2 cores w... > Read more

View processor detailsIntel R80286 8 'SX123'
Click to see the R80286

I have a couple of these LGA68 286 CPU's at 8MHz and all of them a little bit different. For example this CPU is labeled SX123 just like this R80286 however the identification code is printed on a different row despite that both CPU's have been assembled in ... > Read more

View processor detailsIntel Pentium II 400 'SL2S7'
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An early version of the Pentium II 400: A0-stepping, 34th week of 1998 and most notable is the older style SECC1-packaging. My other Pentium II 400 came in the SECC2-packaging that is far more common.

This particular CPU came out of a Compaq system. A hig... > Read more

View processor detailsIntel Mobile Pentium II 266 'Q426'
Click to see the Mobile Pentium II

This engineering sample of the Mobile Pentium II has been manufactured in the last weeks of 1997 (week 51). That is 15 weeks before the official launch of the Mobile Pentium II 'Tonga' core. Technically it's an Deschutes core (0.25nm, half speed off-die L2 cache) but with a 66MHz FSB instead of 100M... > Read more